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Our story


We are here to show you our efforts on the development of our latest innovation project: A Collaborative Robot for the fashion-production industry. We need the public to participate in this endeavor. You as a consumer of fashion will be the best ambassador of a fair product what will benefit all and everyone involved.

We as a company take great care of the social welfare of our employees. However, the physical work with the pressure of on-time delivery to the customers aren’t always in balance. The textile industry was always at the forefront of great innovations, but the last 40 years, nothing new is being introduced.

Do you want to know more about our journey to the best innovation for the production of your fashion, continue to explore our site and stay in touch with us…


What others have to say about working with us:

Under the wings of P.T. Emas Cemerlang Bersama, we have been able to build a bright future. We are a regional mini market, the guidance and advice of the team from P.T. Emas Cemerlang Bersama helps us to continue to pay attention to a balanced assortment. In addition, we can focus on market- and product positioning and customer engagement
Toko Waku1
Agustriyono + Minarni
Long before the incorporation of P.T. E.C.B. we already work with these people. The consultant has a clear vision and representation in their reports of opinion. We do not know a better independent specialist in the field of “project finance”. P.T. E.C.B. has a strong presentation in the Indonesian Markets and their MSME-advisory desk is one of the best in the field.
Golden Intellect Corporation Limited (HK)
M. v.d. Berg CFO
When we started with Restaurant "Dapur Sobek" it was P.T. Emas Cemerlang Bersama who taught us to be an entrepreneur and look more at the product we sell. They did not demand any input on the menu, taste and presentation of the meals. But they have shown that there is more than good food that deserves our attention. Whenever we have questions about strategy, marketing or need motivation, we can always count on the people of P.T. Emas Cemerlang Bersama.
Resto Dapur Sobek
Sukoco, Floor manager

All activities that we develop under this website will all be devoted to the Innovation Investment Program. All proceeds will be used entirely for the Innovation Program. That is why we ask for your attention and involvement. Explore further :


Here you can find our story, where we are located and what we do. We will share some background information about Indonesia and Klaten – the area of our operational activities. We will dive deeper into what we want to achieve and what we expect the future will bring us.



We will discuss the history of innovation in the fashion production industry. But even more important, what we want to achieve to make the production of fashion a better place to work. You will read here how we are going to create and innovate a collaborative robot for fashion production.


Every year 1.600 billion Euro is spend on fashion by the total population of this planet. When it comes on producing your clothes, the consumer is not in charge how it is made. Now you can support us in our efforts to bring innovation to the production sector what will benefit many. You can do this by choosing a program what will fit you, all the proceeds will benefit the innovation.



Here you will find fashion items available for purchase under the participation program. As well other merchandise for commercial sales. All items and programs sold in the shop and website will benefit the innovation program. Have a look if you find something to your likes and consider joining with us in our journey for a greater impact on how your clothes are made.