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We are here to show you our efforts in developing the innovation projects: the development of a collaborative robot for the clothing industry (Project -1) and a collaboration platform for freelancers (Self-employed without staff) and micro-entrepreneurs (Self-employed with staff) within different sectors of the service industry (Project 2.). We ask the public to participate in our endeavor to achieve these goals.

The textile industry has always been at the forefront of major innovations. But nothing has happened in the past 40 years. It is time for this to change.

For freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs, it will always be a struggle to get work done or to spend time acquiring clients and new assignments. As a result, the latter is often at risk, with the platform we take this task of entrepreneurship on our shoulders. Bring the client and the contractor together.

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What others have to say about working with us:

Under the wing of P.T. Emas Cemerlang Bersama, we have been able to build a bright future. We are a regional mini market, the guidance and advice of the team of P.T. Emas Cemerlang Bersama helps us to focus on a balanced range. The partnership provides us with the right tools to help us position our products in the market and engage with customers.


Agustriyono + Minarni

When we started with Restaurant “Dapur Sobek” it was P.T. Emas Cemerlang Bersama who taught us to be an entrepreneur and look more at the product we sell. They did not demand any input on the menu, taste and presentation of the meals. But they have shown that there is more than good food that deserves our attention. Whenever we have questions about strategy, marketing or need motivation, we can always count on the people of P.T. Emas Cemerlang Bersama.


Sukoco, Floor manager

Long before the incorporation of P.T. E.C.B. we already work with these people. The consultant has a clear vision and representation in their reports of opinion. We do not know a better independent specialist in the field of “project finance”. P.T. E.C.B. has a strong presentation in the Indonesian Markets and their MSME-advisory desk is one of the best in the field.


M. v.d. Berg CFO

and many others we work with, such as:

The activities we develop under this website are all focused on innovation. All proceeds go to the development of the projects. That is why we ask for your attention. Discover further:

Here you can read articles, newsletters and project-related news. Later we will expand the content with video blogs as well. Three topics will be  mainly covered: Innovation, our Company and Entrepreneurial News & Advisory Content. Continue reading →

Here you will learn more about our company and the team that runs it. The company is a P.T. (Perseroan Terbatas), a Corporate Structure similar to a Limited Liability Company. Within the current structure, all shares are held by the Board of Directors. Continue reading →

Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an investment in the future. Courage and perseverance are needed to bring both together. More information about the projects and progress can be found here. Continue reading →

With the release of the convertible Notes series, 2 projects will be financially supported. Both projects are in the development phase of a beta model. More information about participation can be found here. Continue reading →

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