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AXA Tower Lt. 45, Jalan Prof. dr. Dr, Satrio 18

Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi


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The business organization of a P.T. (Perseroan Terbatas) is equivalent to a limited liability company (LLC). The company was established in the last quarter of 2015, the deed of establishment (including the articles of association) have been executed on the date of 17 November 2015 and officially registered on the date of 23 November 2015. All operational permits and certificates have been issued by the relevant (local) authorities. The tax number is active and fully updated.

Our journey so far

Our business activities did not start with the establishment of the company. In its current composition, the collaboration began in 2013 with the opening of a local supermarket in the countryside of Gempol, Klaten Regency, in Central Java. It was a clear opportunity for us to become acquainted with the corporate culture of this region. Getting your feet on the ground and gaining experience, showing our presence, and giving people confidence that we’re not leaving, works great for network building. This did not fully satisfy us, prompted by the fact that we wanted to do more and take a more important position in the economic activities of the region. That’s why we founded the company in 2015. Small and medium-sized businesses need business guidance and financial support. In addition, external advice is in high demand, particularly in the areas of product placement and market recognition, which in turn has led to the creation of a consultancy department.

In 2016, we took over management of two clothing production companies. Both companies were in bad financial shape and on the brink of bankruptcy. Two years later, one of the companies has returned under the control of the owner, after a successful restructuring. The other company, with a smaller production facility, is still under our control, for this company we plan to increase production capacity in order to be more competitive. However, a step must be made between current production and the investment in a larger production facility. That is why we are going to develop collaborative robots. See INNOVATION for more information about the collaborative robot.

We are also working on development of a collaboration platform for freelancers (Self-employed without staff) and micro-entrepreneurs (Self-employed with staff) within different sectors of the service industry. For freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs, it will always be a struggle between getting work done and spending time acquiring clients and new assignments. As a result, the latter is often at risk, with the platform we take this task of entrepreneurship on our shoulders. Bring the client and the contractor together.

The operating companies are organized in separate entities, only our consultancy and management activities are under the direct management of P.T. EMAS CEMERLANG BERSAMA. Please let us know if you have any comments and/or questions. CONTACT

Our Team


Suwarni * – Position: Managing Director / C.E.O. and chairman of the board of directors. Age: 38 years

After years of working in the restaurant sector and taking her first steps there in managerial positions, she started to develop in another sector. She has held the position of commercial and operational manager at a chain of private health clinics in Indonesia. These clinics provide day treatments and consist of 12 branches. Suwarni was responsible for managing all non-healthcare related issues. The care provision was led by a group of foreign specialists.

From the very beginning, Suwarni has taken on the task within the company to manage the activities and to place them in the PT Emas Cemerlang Bersama entity. From this position, she was the best candidate to take up the position of Managing Director. This is partly because the district where the company has its operational activities is also its birth area. She is also a major shareholder within the company.

Our C.E.O. is supported by:

Sardi * – Position: Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Age: 46 years

Because of his long carrier as an independent entrepreneur, more than 20 years, he is not only the best adviser that our daily management could wish for. He is also one of the most important advisors for our clients in the Micro, Small and Medium-sized Business sector.

Sardi will not be concerned with the innovation of collaborative robots, instead he will take care of the overall stability of the company, now and in the future, together with our C.E.O.

YS Koen – Position: Entrepreneur in Residence. Age: 51 years

Kun has no director position or any other managerial position in the daily management of the company. But through his years of experience in the financial sector in Europe and work in the financial centers of Asia, Singapore and Hong Kong, he is the biggest motivator and advisor to the daily management of the company. He also investigates new markets and companies for PT Emas Cemerlang Bersama. His expertise is focused on restructuring companies and developing new ventures.

He will take the lead in the development of the collaborative robots and his first task will be to put together the right teams to implement the development for this innovation battle. He also has the important task of getting the company ready for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and everything that comes with it. His spearhead is the design of an educational institute and the new structure for the production facility in the future.

Tentrem * – Position: Commercial Director Retail. Age: 37 years

She is the director who deals with daily management in our retail branch and other activities that are performed for third parties. In the future, she will focus exclusively on increasing our sales points, while also taking on the daily management of the web store. Further commercial activities will also be developed under her leadership, including cooperation with external designers and clothing companies. In this way we also want to offer a platform to new talents who have high creativity but lack commercial support. This can apply to local talent, but also to talent from other countries and cultures. In addition, we also want to collaborate more with local artisanal small businesses.

Peter Lim Position: Chairman of the Advisory Board. Age: 54 years

In recent years since 2010, Peter has been the permanent executive manager of Kun, especially taking care of the daily management of the company in Hong Kong. After Kun became more involved with Indonesia, Peter took over all the tasks from Kun in Hong Kong. Peter is in daily contact with the network of advisors who work for the company in Hong Kong or provide services. This makes him the most suitable person to serve as the chairman of the advisory board. Peter himself has a great deal of experience as an executive manager in various positions in the financial sector. Peter specializes in trade finance and currency risk management. In that capacity, Peter is the most important adviser for the daily management in the field of export.

Once it is known who will take the lead in the 3 different teams that will be involved in the development of collaborative robots, we will publish this on our own webpage and other multimedia platforms. This also applies to cooperation with the Universities. If this has been stated concretely and approved by the various departments, then we will also let you know more about it. Transparency is therefore an important priority for us.

* Three people in key positions within our organization go by 1 name, this is common in Java. More than 50% of Javanese have only 1 name.