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Together, we can make a difference!


This is not a donation like many others. No one-way traffic, from giver to receiver, and then hope that something good is done with it. It is a donation that the donor can also benefit from, a highly appreciated gift that will be amply rewarded.

With this crowdfunding campaign, we want to enable the public to participate in the project’s initial phase. In any case, the project needs to be member-driven. It has been written before, and we will always act on it; members’ experience and usability of the applications are crucial to the project’s success.

With every donation, the donor obtains membership. This crowdfunding campaign will create the project’s first community; the group of donors will be part of the founding community together with the initiators. For the donation, the donor obtains a certain number of units that give the donor a purchase right to acquire Utility Tokens at a significant discount during the Token Generation Event. It also offers the donor ‘early access’ to any event organized to bring the project to the public’s attention because the donors make it possible for all these activities to be carried out.

This donation program is the flywheel that allows the project to become operational and fulfill its mission. All necessary entities will be established with the donations, the first community of +/- 45 households will be offered membership, and the IDIFY-CWP program will be implemented in the neighborhood community. More employees are being hired, and the developer community is being expanded to enable the physical realization of this project.

The donor can make a one-time donation or opt for a monthly contribution over 12 months. It is essential to mention that the donation program has a limited time. For this donation program, eight million units will be made available within the community, each representing the right to purchase one token; the amount and timing of the donation determine the number of units a donor obtains. Once all units have been allocated, the donation program will be irrevocably closed, and no new donors will be admitted.

The donation moment also determines the discount the donor can purchase tokens with during the public token generation event. The sooner the donor donates, the higher the discount. There are eight discount categories with 1 million units each available. The tables below show the categories and how many units can be obtained per dollar/euro donation. A clock will appear on the website showing the number of units available. This number is indicative, and no rights can be granted; the time of donation that reaches us determines the number of units and the discount. Transaction fees charged by third parties are not considered donation amounts; the net amount we receive is decisive.

The donation program is included in financing 1, not separately, but as part of the already planned project financing. This is part of the total network token (UT) allocation. See the further documentation for complete information. An image with a quick overview of the token allocation can be found below.

Network Token Allocation

The Token Generation Event takes place at the start of Funding 2. Then, all tokens are allocated, and donors can decide whether they want to exercise the right to purchase. The company is prepared to provide an additional warranty for the donation program by offering 10% of its shares. If, for some reason, the token generation event is postponed, the backers can decide to claim the shares in the company. This will be done according to a conversion right equal to the donor’s Pro Rata share; see definitions below for the Donors’ Pro Rata share calculation method. The board owns all company shares, and there will be no external shareholders until the moment of conversion. There are no external debts; the company is fully financed by its existing shareholders.

The choice between tokens or company shares is not optional; donors can only choose to acquire shares within the company if the Token Generation Event is postponed or does not take place before the deadline. Not one or the other, but only if one does not happen will the next be available. The company share warranty only serves as an additional guarantee for the donors that the donation will not be made in vain. If the donor cannot or does not wish to exercise his purchase right during the Token Generation Event, the donor may sell his purchase right and acquired units to third parties; the company will assist the donor in carrying out this procedure. However, the donor must understand that costs will be incurred and that the monetary result will not equal future tokens’ values. Obtained units can be transferred to third parties before the Token Generation Event occurs, but the company or the Token Entity must be informed of this in writing in advance.

The procedure of donation:

  1. Donate by using the donation button;
  2. Complete the corresponding donation form with all contact details of the Donor;
    • First name and Surname
    • Address
    • City + State + Country
    • Email, DM details, Telephone Number
  3. Once payment has been registered, you will receive a confirmation letter with a Token Warrant with the total Units obtained and membership number;
  4. You will receive a monthly newsletter about the project’s progress, and you get access to various social media channels to get in touch with other project members.