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We become closer to our goal with each donation we receive. We are Thankful for your contribution in helping us make a difference.

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, and your donation has made it that much easier to get things done and thrust us forward. We thank you for your support and for your desire to help us succeed in this venture.

Thanks again for the donation; please complete and submit the form below. Once we have received and processed both, we will send a confirmation, including the membership number and the number of Units obtained.

If you use the monthly subscription, we will state in the confirmation how many Units you have immediately obtained and how many have been reserved. The subscription is for 12 months and will not be automatically renewed. As soon as we receive the next monthly payment, we will indicate the number of units immediately available to you and how many are still in reserve. It is ultimately up to the participant to ensure the monthly payment is timely.

Let us know if and how you would like to be further involved in developing the project. We can use all the help. This is intended to be a community-driven project where everyone builds an active economy. Let us demonstrate together that an initiative like this can be implemented by us together and that we do not need a government for this. Inform us how this project can be effective in your region.

Keep in touch, and we will do the same.

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