We ask the public to participate so that we can carry out research and development of a collaborative robot for the clothing production sector.

We will pursue 2 goals:

  1. The development of the first prototype collaborative robot. This will be a semi-autonomous working prototype. Once we have reached this phase, further financing for the completion of the semi-autonomous operating cobot will not be a problem. For this part, we allocate 25% of the funds that are made available through public participation. For further information regarding the development of the collaborative robot, please see the INNOVATION PROGRAM section on our website.
  2. This part is just as important. 75% of each participation amount of the participation program is used to produce clothing. During the production of the clothing we collect the data of all actions of the production staff, from shoulder to finger movements. You can find more about this subject in the INNOVATION PROGRAM section of our website. This data is needed for the development of the Collaboration Robots, so that we can have the robot simulate human actions. In addition, the data will be processed in the cobots instruction and coordination software. From a legal point of view, it is irresponsible that we use data from production activities for external clients, since the intellectual property on that data would belong to the client concerned.

We want to emphasize clearly that we are not asking for any form of donation. As soon as you participate, you will be given the opportunity to order the fashion items that we produce, depending on the delivery conditions and the conditions of the relevant participation program. More information about the provisions of participation and ordering follows below. We would also like to point out the general and additional terms and conditions of ordering and delivery, which you can find in the SHOP section of our website.


It should be clear that we are starting this program in order to be able to invest mainly for the start-up costs of the innovation program, without this having a negative effect on the operational activities of the company. 25% of the purchase amount is intended as a donation to the innovation investment program, every financial year we will publish a financial report on our website in which we account for how much the donations have added to the Innovation-Investment-Program and to which the funds are spent. We emphasize that the company is fully responsible for any shortages that arise during the development of the “Cobots”.

Further provisions of participation in the above programs:

  • Participation is possible from €100,00 and a multiple of this amount;
  • We can only accept orders from €100,00 according to our standard conditions. For orders with a value lower than €100,00 we will have to charge you for the full shipping costs;
  • For every order from €100,00 and a total weight of up to 2 kilograms, the shipping costs are included in the purchase amount. Above 2 kg total weight, order + packaging, you must either spend a minimum of €200,00 or compensate the added value of the shipping costs. Your order must have a minimum value of €100,00 per maximum 2 kilograms total weight;
  • If you wish the order to be sent with Track Trace option, we will have to charge an additional €6,00;
  • All prices of the fashion items that we offer for sale include VAT;
  • According to European law (Taxes and Customs) your order is free of import duties if your spending amount is less than €150,00 per order (goods + shipping costs). If you require that we send items to you in 1 shipment for a purchase value above €150,00 then the taxed import duties are entirely for your account. Import duties on processed textiles between Indonesia and the European Union generally amount to 12% of the purchase value. Again, orders with an amount lower than €150,00 are free of import duties.
  • Our collection will have major changes twice a year, this will happen around April and October. During the year, items will be added or removed, depending on the stock and supply. Before the collection is adjusted, we will conduct a survey among our customers, in which you can indicate what you would like to see in the collection. Special requests can always be submitted, but an indication price cannot be provided in advance.
  • At the start of this innovation program we arrange shipments twice a month. Orders placed before the 15th of every month are sent in the fourth week of the month, orders after the 15th of each month are sent in the second week of the following month. Urgent orders can be made, but it may incur additional shipping costs. Each shipment will be announced in writing. Depending on the order volume, we will intensify the fixed shipping times to weekly.

Loyalty bonus – settlement and refund participation amount explained in detail:

  • The loyalty bonus for programs 2, 3 and 4 is awarded because we can achieve volume benefits. This volume advantage can be achieved because we receive a considerable amount in advance before the actual delivery. We want to give this benefit back to these participants, because this part of our work has no standard profit motive. The goal for us has been achieved because we can count on +/- 25% of the initial participation fee as a donation for the Innovation-Investment-Program.
  • The loyalty bonus is granted once after we have received your transaction.
  • With the loyalty bonus you increase the disposable amount for the purchase of fashion items that are offered through our website. This bonus can only be spent on the purchase of fashion items and therefore does not represent cash value.
  • The bonus is stated separately on your account statement that is available after each purchase. A proportionate part of the bonus is settled per spending. An example of the settlement: Program 2, You have made a deposit of €500,00, with which you receive a bonus of €50,00, or the disposable amount thus becomes €550,00. If you place an order of €100,00, the settlement will take place as follows: €90,00 of the initial amount and €10,00 of the bonus amount. So, you still have an available amount for purchase of €410,00 and a bonus amount of €40,00 which means a total further available amount for purchases of €450,00. The same settlement formula applies to programs 3 and 4.
  • If a spending amount is still available at the end of the programs (3 years after the start), you may decide to keep a client account with our company outside of this innovation investment program for further purchases in the future, since we will continue to operate the web store. But you can also decide to request a refund of the outstanding amount. However, you cannot claim the bonus amount. In addition, 25% will be deducted because the 25% has already been spent in the innovation program for the cobot. The financing of the innovation program is the reason that we started this possibility of clothing sales.

Further possibilities within the innovation investment program:

We want to give this innovation investment program a broad platform, thereby increasing the focus on innovation. Partly for this reason we also want to make this platform available on the creative side of the sector. If you have a design for clothing yourself, but do not have access to production facilities and knowledge, we are the ideal platform for that purpose. We can go through the entire design with you and prepare it for production. We can advise you about the materials and you can have the product offered through our web shop. We perform all work according to cost + 25%. The design and product remain your intellectual property.

But even if you want to have a one-off design made, you can use this platform, as long you respect the 25% donation for the innovation investment program. If you have clothing as merchandising, you can have it produced, packaged and shipped by us. The sale of this merchandising can continue entirely through your own sales channels, but you can also grant us a license for sale through our website and thereby increase the attention on your product, with the references to your own platforms and media outlets.

We always handle special requests and together with you we can come to a suitable solution. But we emphasize that the 25% donation for the innovation investment program must be considered.

To Conclude

Every month we will publish a newsletter to inform everyone about the progress of the development of the cobots. We will regularly place a video on our website, if it contains specific information that may be crucial to the progress of the innovation, this video will be locked and can be viewed via a password on a separate part of our website. In the monthly newsletter space will be made available to promote new items for commercial sale. We can be reached via various media platforms, where you can contact us directly to arrange a personal interview, so that you can be informed more about our developments.

If you are interested in having further involvement in the development of the cobots, your input will be greatly appreciated. The terms and conditions of participation in the development of the cobots will be negotiated in a personal interview. With this we also want to make clear that the development of cobots is an innovation for everyone with the aim of more streamlined production, without having to rely on the workload pressure for employees. After all, they will benefit most from the development and implementation of cobots in the production lines.

The target amount that we want to generate with this promotion will be approximately €1.500.000,00. However, this is only a start of the total development costs, but we are almost certain that we can develop a first prototype for this amount and start collecting and processing the required data. We are strongly convinced that when we have developed the first prototype, the further financing of the development and production of the cobots will be taken over by industry-related parties. Commitments have already been made, but these parties are awaiting the first prototype.


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