How can your dream be realized financially to start a business or scale to the next level?

Do you have a “crazy” good idea, or does your company have drastic needs for expansion or working capital injection, but you cannot get the financing? We can probably help you with this. We only offer our service for commercial projects and companies. This can therefore be a one-man business that wants to grow, or an existing business that has a certain capital requirement. But also “greenfield” projects can count on our support and commitment. We are not bound by national borders or sectors, any project can be nominated, as long as this does not include an application for private financing.

Author: YS Koen - Klaten - 03 March 2020

Because we have more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector for investments and companies, we can present you with advice that is “tailor-made” for you. In our consultancy practice we have already been able to view thousands, perhaps 10,000+ business plans and project documentation. Almost immediately we can estimate whether you can get a suitable form of financing with the current documentation. Due to our extensive experience we can announce that 90% of the business plans are rejected or simply not treated because they are very poorly substantiated. We are regularly confronted with business plans or project documentation from which it is immediately apparent that the initiator(s) were not or hardly involved in the preparation of this documentation. The biggest problem is that the “project” exists in your head, but the counterparty can’t look at it to check if it’s a good plan. Do not get a template from the internet, but come up with a plan yourself, we can help you on your way and get the correct information for you on paper that will also be accepted by the various parties.

If we should have to provide a written recommendation for the project, you are guaranteed to receive the required tailored capital injection. But in order to qualify for this you must go through an intensive process, in which our legal department will have to perform a due diligence study. We will fully guide you in this and remain involved as an advisor in the “project” until it is operational.

If you want more information or submit a request, you can send an email to In the description you must state that it is an application for financing or investment. Introduce yourself and the “project” then someone from our company will contact you to have a telephone interview, this can also be a video call. You will then have to provide further information. If we have the extensive information, we can issue advice. Make sure that your name and contact details are stated with the application and a good introduction to the project that you want to undertake. If you have further questions, you can reach us by telephone: + 62-8572-7888-532.

Our experience teaches us that (international) financing is considered faster from +/- € 1,000,000, which does not mean that a lower required sum will not be treated. But for relatively small capital needs there are simply other options that we can propose to you and guide how you should handle this. From the capital providers it is assumed that a smaller sum than 1 million euros should be arranged in the immediate vicinity of the entrepreneur. Yet we see in practice that a very large group of “starters” find a big problem there. Not every aspiring entrepreneur has a social network where a fundraising campaign could be carried out successfully. In addition, there are no, or at least insufficient, good opportunities to finance a new plan, or at least that is the sound we receive.

We have a different experience ourselves; too little attention is paid to how the capitalization of a project or company should take place. We will tell you that it will not be “simple”, simply holding your hand is not an option. But if the question is asked correctly, the questioner will also be able to expect a positive answer. There is not enough guidance in how to compile such questions. Banks are no longer the place where you can get start-up financing, just based on a nice idea. Nobody will tell you how to successfully submit a financing application and what the conditions are that you have to meet. There are plenty of stories available about how to start a new project and how much funding they have got raised, but you will not quickly find such publicly known stories so quickly about the attempts where it failed. You are not the only one if you have not succeeded, practice shows that more than 93% of the new initiatives are directly referred to the trash.

This also applies to the entrepreneur who is already working but is inhibited by a need for capital where the financial resources are not available. You are welcomed from different directions when you start to do business for yourself, but after that it often remains anxiously quiet and you do not have to rely on support immediately. That an entrepreneur, aspiring or advanced, does not have this knowledge is understandable, but often the support network also does not really have the knowledge to get such on paper. It is all too often thought that when there is a nice profit forecast on paper, then every financier will fall for it. Nothing is less true. If a financier does not have specific market knowledge, then he will also use his own network to research the specific market when studying the available documentation. A financier often has a well-oiled network where he knows exactly where to get the information, he needs to make his own judgment. Then many of the profit forecasts ends up in the bin.

What we often encounter in practice is that the applicant does not know, or hardly knows, what kind of capital he / she wants to raise. Is it in the form of a debt, or a pledging of assets, when one approaches financiers, one often does not know whether one is approaching an investor or that a debt financing is expected? But if the applicant does not know what he wants, how can the financier offer a solution? We can formulate and structure that question for you, then you choose whether you want to arrange a capital injection through your own channels, or that you use our network, or perhaps that you ask both channels for a solution. If you receive a proposal, make sure that there is a term sheet with all the conditions for the capital provision. This whole process should not be substantially different if you opt for debt financing or for an investment, you must know what you are dealing with and ensure that the conditions are clearly stated on paper. You must know how often we encounter in practice that a customer has received the wrong type of financing and that we are being asked to refinance it. Of course, that is possible, but this costs the customer an unnecessarily large amount of money, then most costs are in the early termination of agreements already made. The comment that we often receive that it will not be too bad because the customer is given the opportunity to redeem early without incurring additional costs, often turns out to be different in practice. Remember 1 rule, there is no such thing as free money. There will always be costs involved and that is in 99 out of 100 cases in favor of the lender. In the one case that this is not the case, you really have to wonder if you want to end the relationship prematurely.

We do not set conditions on paper in advance about what forms of financing or investment we can offer you. Our philosophy is that there is no suitable standard form of financing, every company is different, every entrepreneur is different. On the other hand, we argue that we have never been faced with an impossible task about how to finance a business case, so we challenge you to come up with a case where you think we will never succeed. Even in the case of non-profit institutions or social impact investments, we know the route that should be taken to become self-sufficient and no longer dependent on donations and gifts from third parties. The question is rather whether the client wants to go to the extreme to pursue that goal or that people prefer to remain dependent on donations and gifts. If you do not want the music to stop, you will have to be much more creative in becoming self-sufficient.

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