“Everyone can be an Entrepreneur”

This book is written by the “Entrepreneur in Residence” of P.T. Emas Cemerlang Bersama, Y.S. Koen. It is a publication in support of the Innovation Investment Program of P.T. Emas Cemerlang Bersama, for research and development of a collaborative robot for the clothing production sector. All income from the sale of the E-book as well as the monthly subscription fees of the mentoring programs going entirely to the Innovation Program.

The writer has had a long career as an entrepreneur and has now taken on the role of “Entrepreneur in Residence” within P.T. Emas Cemerlang Bersama. His role within the company is to guide the development of the CoBot and to lead the advisory practice for Micro, Small and Medium Businesses. In addition, he will assist the day-to-day management of the company with “advice and assistance” whenever necessary. He has already indicated that more people should make the move to entrepreneurship, especially if they feel that they are stuck in their current work or have a desire to be “boss in their own kitchen”.

Entrepreneurship is not tied to age, educational requirements, or career, but rather to daring, doing, perseverance and the most important thing: idea, plan, thinking that you can do better. Nowadays the internet is full of well-intended advice and especially the lists full of tips, but is it possible to summarize entrepreneurship in a list? As if the golden formula of entrepreneurship consists of ticking off boxes in the list of rules and you will succeed. More and more training courses are given for entrepreneurship, but is that a guaranteed success? NO, often these are perfect courses to become a manager, but entrepreneurship is much more than managing an organization or department.

Rules enable someone to Follow,

Knowledge enables someone to Lead.

During his work as a consultant, the writer has already seen thousands of “business plans”. He has been able to look at a hundred or more companies from the inside, especially companies where at some point problems arose, or that they ran into barriers for further growth? Every time he notices that one does not quickly look for the right advice or support, while it is not that difficult to hold up a “mirror” for someone.

With this practical experience in his pocket, the writer has compiled a book containing 10 chapters:

  1. Entrepreneurship, is it for everyone?
  2. Product.
  3. Customer – product positioning.
  4. Storytelling.
  5. Sales vs Marketing: the constant struggle between these 2 important segments.
  6. Growth, or not.
  7. Fundraising to finance your plans, expansion and/or product innovation.
  8. Entering debt and other forms of financing.
  9. 2nd and 3rd line income and Collaboration.
  10. Your business and social media.

You should not expect a book that is full of “pictures” and where beautiful photos are used as a fill. It is a book that is written because of its content, perhaps not in the most attractive writing style, because not all subjects are suitable for an “Instagram Entrepreneurial lifestyle”; full of glamour and richness as long as the picture looks good, because we all know that this is made-up nepotism.

What you do get when you order the E-book is a book with a substantive approach to the various topics. Sometimes the reader will think that contradictory thinking or acting is what is been proclaimed, but we guarantee that it will be completely clear once you have fully read each Chapter. If it is not yet completely clear, the writer will be available to answer any questions. Each month a Chapter will be dealt with in a Question & Answer session that will be published on the website or social media outlets. The book will be published in a PDF-file and send monthly, 1 Chapter a time. With the first Chapter will include the preface of the book. After Chapter 5, the following month, bonus material, in the form of a commercial plan for a new business according to the principles of the book, will be sent separately. The E-book can be pre-ordered NOW, after complete registration procedure you will receive the first Chapter + preface by email. The complete E-book is FREE OF CHARGE,  but you need to complete the registration procedure. We will use your data to inform you about our innovation program and participation program of the collaborative robot for the fashion production industry. 

Each chapter will consist of at least 10 pages of written content, each chapter concludes with some questions and comments for homework. This book is intended to guide you further towards a successful future as an entrepreneur. To offer you even more value, we have put together a package of mentoring programs. These are monthly programs and will cover a chapter each month and will elaborate on them. Each mentoring program allows you to have a personal interview with the consultant. This is a telephone or video call, via Skype or WhatsApp. We advise everyone to prepare especially for this conversation, as it has limited time. This can be a conversation about the relevant chapter of that month, it can be a personal Question & Answer session where all attention is focused on You, so every question will be treated. But you can also use that conversation to vent your ideas for a business plan and get an honest opinion from someone who has a “sober” look at the things that are bothering you. If you want to get the most out of these personal conversations, we recommend sending an email at least half an hour before the interview takes place with bullet points about what you want the conversation to take place. The clearer the email is, without getting bogged down in details, the more value you can get from personal conversations. It is decisive for which program you choose how long these conversations will last, with the first mentoring program having a personal consultation of 30 minutes per month, up to each time 45 minutes for the second and third mentoring program. For details about these programs, see the table below.

The book and the programs are not only meant for starting entrepreneurs. If you have a company and you run into hurdles in whatever area, it can help you to gain other insights. The writer dares to guarantee that he will have different perspectives to approach a problem than what you think of yourself. We do, however, recommend that you use guidance program 2 or 3, because this allows you and us to go deeper into a specific question or problem. If you use one of the mentoring programs the purchase price of the book is deducted from the subscription price of the relevant program. We want to point out to everyone that there is a limited number of participants for programs 2 and 3, because of the intensive mentoring what comes with it, quality over quantity. See table below for prices and content of the different programs:

If you need more intensive mentoring in setting up your business and developing a business plan or structured financing, you must consider an hourly rate of €30,00 (excluding VAT). You can also contact us for mentorship on a “project basis”, this will be handled per application. There is no indication in advance of what the costs will be, all depends on the business case.